Why Cloud?

Advanced, Reliable, Affordable

Cloud-based PBX

No PBX or Phone system located at your location

No maintenance required

No upfront investment for the equipment

Expanding as simple as adding the telephone

Support easily by just adding phones at different office

Anytime, anywhere access from the office or on the go, stay in touch with your customers and your business.

Simple Portal-Based management, quick & easy adds, changes, moves.



Pay single low monthly bill. Gain full Enterprise-Grade VOIP system.


Cloud-based Video Surveillance solution

It's time to bring your video surveillance to the cloud. We beleive partnering with Eagle Eye Networks, a leading video surveillance provider, will make running your business easier, from customer interation to operations and employee security.

The cloud-based Eagle Eye Security Video management System (VMS) has a user-friendly web platform as well as mobile access, so you can access your live and recorded video anytime, anywhere. The Eagle Eye VMS also provides maximum flexibility, working with both analog and IP cameras as well as allowing both on site and cloud recording.


Please contact us to see how easy and affordable cloud surveillance can be.