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Get comprehensive business solutions from Vicomptel USA Inc. in Fremont, California. We offer products that allow you to do business more efficiently.

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Boost your business growth with effective communications. Many of our products are for the fast-growing, small- to mid-sized business application, and we offer a service program to help you expand very quickly.

As your business grows, our products will grow along with you to meet your needs. No matter what size your business is, we will have the right tools to fit perfectly in your office.

UC or Mobile for Remote Worker, Brivo Cloud-Based Access Control and Non-Contact Temperature Screen Solution to get ready for future

Complete Thermal solutions to detect and monitor human body temperature for your office where measuring temperature in a short time is a concern. The solution is capable of highly accurate body temporature detection within + or - 0.54°F, offering a highly-efficient and contact free solution.

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