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Brivo - Cloud-Based Physical Security Access Control

Time to update your electronic Access Control

No Servers to purchase or replace, No License Fees, Automatic Software Upgrades

Benifits - Better Security, Flexibility, Unlimited Scalability and Integrate with alarms and surveillance cameras

Trust the power and convenience of mobile device managed access control and video management, trust Brivo

Pure IP-based Access Control

Most powerful and highly scalable IP Access Control


IP-Based access control - connect with a single network cable

PoE (Power over Ethernet) - simple to implement to power door peripherals from the controller

Browser-based user interface - no need for "client" software and supports any device that can browse the internet

Virtual machine support - eliminate the need for dedicated server hardware and maximizes scalability

Combine the controller with the Intelli-M Access software to create a highly scalable solutions that can be deployed within one building, or accross multiple locations around the world.

Access Control system

WIN-PAK software, NS2/NS2P Controller

Honeywell's WIN-PAK software suite provides a range of solutions from access control only to fully integrated security solutions.WIN-PAK XE (Express Edition) is the baseline software package for access control only. Manage NetAXS and NS2/NS2P controllers from a single workstation. WIN-PAK SE3.0 (Standard Edition) is the software package for access control and standard video integration. WIN-PAK PE 3.0 (Professional Edition) combines all the features of XE and SEplus an unrestricted number of client workstations.

Powerful and Scalable solutions to meet your needs

Keri Access Control system

PXL-500 Tiger II Controller, NXT IP-based Controller, Reader and Doors software

Unmatched system flexibility, easy of use and cost effectiveness.

Tiger Access Control family supports up to 256 doors, yet tame enough to handle a single door.


Reader supports for Keri Proximity Reader or any Wiegand compatible reader technology