We have the best solution to earn your business

--- Cloud-based NVR or Premise-based NVR/DVR

We are pleased to offer a selection of TYPE OF PRODUCTS.

NVR (PC-based or Standalone)

Supports many major brand IP cameras


Secure - enhance security and control user's effiency

Remote connect - connect remotely to view (iPad, iPhone, Android), search and manage your cameras virtually anywhere 

Multiple Databases - supports multiple storage databases to prevent video data loss 

Calendar search - easy calendar and Time bar search to access recoreded video quickly

EMap - access and manage your camera, alarms and sensors quickly and efficiently

Easy to use and maintain

Standalone DVR

4/8/16 Channels of  Video and 4 Audio, HDMI, VGA, and Composite Video Out, Real TimeView abd Record.

The storage is configurable.

Remote view from any Smartphone

Industrial PoE switch

4/8/16/24/48 port PoE switch

Good for any brands

15.4W per port or 30W per port

IP, HD-TVI, SDI or Analog Camera

Models to meet your needs

IP camera becomes more popular due to the higher picture quality and recording image and the price had been dropped because of high demand in the market.

Features supported:

IR LEDs - Provides the best night image possible

HD Quality Image --- 1080P/720P

PoE - Simply cut down on installation time by using one ethernet cable for power and data

Go Mobile - Views on the iPhone and Android smartphones

Easy to install and maintain

Power Over Ethernet Injector


Provides DC 48Vdc power over RJ-45.

PoE, LED indicators for Power and PoE, Distance up to 100 meters

Usually for IP PTZ camera